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Interactive Session

Topic For Discussion - Why Does God Allow Suffering / Trials / Challenges

#LunchDateWithJesus Interactive Session - Why Does God Allow Suffering

22 September 2018

#LunchDateWithJesus is a ministry committed to inspiring a hunger for a relationship with Jesus. We encourage a desire to have a deeper, closer & personal relationship with Jesus in fellowship, partnership & intimacy through the Holy Spirit.

This session was truly amazing. The presence of God was so tangible. We fellowshipped together, prayed, cried, ate, laughed, had Q/A session and feasted with Jesus. We were spiritually filled up. Everyone went home with a personal word from God. God is truly amazing.


Hear what the ladies had to say about this session:

We will be having our #LunchDateWithJesus monthly Interactive session next month (October 2018 - Dates, venue and time TBC). Contact us if you like to attend the next one. IT’s FREE.

Come expectant and come ready to feast with the King of kings!!!


Revelation 3:20

James 4:8

Jeremiah 29:13

2 Corinthians 13:14

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