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Dear Jesus Journal: From My Heart To Yours


Colour: Rose Gold

A Personal Letter From your Heart to Jesus Christ.


Dear Jesus Journal serves as a form of communication/letter from your heart to the Heart of God. Your personal relationship with God begins by putting your faith in Jesus Christ and accepting Him as your Lord and personal Saviour. God wants you to communicate with Him just as you communicate with your loved ones or your best friend.


God wants you to partner with Him and plan your daily activities with Him. He wants to be involved in everything that we do.


The Purpose of This JournalThere is something about writing letters, it feels personal as you are writing from the heart. The purpose of this journal is to inspire and encourage a close and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit by writing to Him. With this journal, you can start and end your day with Jesus.


The journal serves as a direct personal letter to Jesus. This journal allows you to have a real conversation with Jesus. Jesus wants us to talk to HimThe Benefits of Writing To Jesus Christ I encourage you to try it out yourself.


Write to Jesus; start your day with the Lord, plan your daily activities with God and commit your plans for the day in His hands, trust Him for favor, wisdom, and strength. Before bedtime, tell him about your day; the challenges you may have faced, your victories etc. When you do, He will exchange your ashes for His beauty, He will give you peace that surpasses all understanding, you will get to enjoy the joy of His presence, He will lead you in the right path to life, you will experience His love, you will succeed in all you do. You will fulfill destiny. In fact, the benefits of spending time with Jesus are endless.


So start today, what’s in your heart? Write to Jesus, lay it bare. Be real.


(Psalm 62. Matthew 11:28-30)

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