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#LunchDateWithJesus Monthly Session

Do you desire deeper and personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

Do you need encouragement and inspiration to ignite a hunger for God? 

Do you find yourself always busy with work/life that you have little or no time to spend with God. 

Are you currently going through challenges, difficulties of life, wilderness, valleys etc and you feel like you have no one to run to?

Do you desire to go deeper with God?

Do you want to fellowship, partner and be intimate with Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit?

Are you looking for a godly sisterhood where you are free to be transparent, encourage someone or be encouraged in the word of God?

Or do you simply just love a gathering where it's all about Jesus?

Then we encourage you to have your own personal #LunchDateWithJesus as well as attend our monthly interactive session where we fellowship together, talk about where we currently are in life, encourage each other in the word of God and through our testimonies, talk about Jesus, pray together, worship together and of course feast under the presence of God. 

At the moment, the monthly sessions are currently held in the UK, however, by the grace of God, we hope to reach as many countries as possible.

To attend a session, click on the link below

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