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LDWJ Sisterhood Birthday Shoutout

Hey sis, the LDWJ team and the sisterhood would love to celebrate you on your birthday and give a shout out in the group :))


Please fill in the details below and we would mark our calendar in advance.

*All details are kept confidential*

What Is Your Birth Date?
Which LDWJ Sisterhood Platforms Are You On?

Thank you for completing the birthday shoutout form sis!

We look forward to celebrating with you :))


Lunch Date With Jesus Book

Available in

Paperback  |  Hardcover | eBook


To the girl, woman, lady, mum, sister, aunty. I know life has been challenging; I know it has been tough. But I’m glad you are on this journey to self-discovery; to go deeper in God, to discover and walk in your identity, your purpose in life, and become who God has called you to be. Jesus has been waiting patiently just for you to let Him in. Sis, go deep, you can let Him in wholeheartedly. He is your New Beginning.


Make a date with Him today, have #LunchDateWithJesus


Attend The Monthly Interactive Session

#LunchDateWithJesus  monthly interactive session is an online/offline meeting where we fellowship together, talk about where we currently are in life, encourage each other in the word of God and through our testimonies, talk about Jesus, our encounters with Him, pray together, worship together and of course feast under the presence of God.

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